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When it comes to site visitors, they have the right to comment, give suggestions, share their opinions and even post their own reviews. This is as long as the information they post is not illicit, indecent, bullying, offensive, violates privacy, interfering with intellectual possessions right or deemed to hurt third parties.  The Information they share should not be spam in any way, have software viruses, or be politically oriented. Mass mailings, chain letters or commercial solicitation is non- acceptable!

Using a fake email address, personification of an entity or any other individual is highly discouraged! Green Smoothie Living has the right but is not obliged to delete or revise content in the site. However, we hardly review content in our site! Whenever you post content on the site, you should note that Green Smoothie Living and its allies automatically have full irreversible and never ending rights to the content. We can choose to either duplicate, change, convert, dispense, display or even publish the content using any worldwide media we choose. Yes! The name you’ve used in the content will also be displayed.  You are fully responsible for content you post in the site. You should ensure the content is authentic, does not harm or offend any 3rd parties nor breach this policy. You will be liable to Green Smoothie Living and our associates in case claims arise from content you have posted in the site. Green Smoothie Living also has the privilege of editing, removing and monitoring your content. It is wise to note that Green Smoothie Living is not liable neither is it responsible for content you or any third party individual posts in the website.