What To Do When your Delicious Smoothie Fails?

I always look forward to enjoying my green smoothie. It is my favorite drink anytime, any day.  Honestly, there are days I am overjoyed about trying out a new green smoothie recipe only for it to backfire in my face.

In reality, it’s an undrinkable, muddy looking drink. Well, what can I say it definitely happens to the best of us?  There are times I’ve literally talked myself into getting that failed smoothie down my throat.

“You can do this girl!  Think of all the benefits this backfired green smoothie will bring to your body! Just focus on the energy it will give you…. How can I salvage it?” The self-pep talks and failed green smoothies finally led me to discover incredible green smoothie hacks. Read on, and let me enlighten you on ways you too can actually salvage your failed green smoothies.

  • Add A Natural Sweetener transition

I once added two fresh bananas to my failed green smothie and wow! The transition was amazing.  Every time my green smoothie fails, I  try adding a different fruit. The taste is always fantastic. I have come to realize that adding either bananas, apples, peaches, mangoes or dates come in handy every time my green smoothie fails. Give them a try the next time you end up with a failed smoothie.

  • Put the Mixture in an Ice cube tray

Freezing the mixture in an ice cube tray is another trick I use.  I add a green smoothie cube to the new green smoothie I will prepare during the week. Adding the cubes helps mask the yucky flavor. Amazingly, it contains the same nutritional value. This is definitely a must try. You will love it!

  • Just drink it J

Well, there are days I build up my courage, take that smoothie, fill it up in one large colorful cup and just drink it.  Focus on the nutrition is always my motivation.

Four tips I use to minimize green smoothie failure

  1. Quality Blender

I like my green smoothies smooth. Others like them chewable. Either way, a high quality blender is highly recommended.  Using a quality blender minimizes the chances of your green smoothie failing. It is also safe, enjoyable and fast.

  1. Ratio Of Mixtures

Adding the correct mixture ratio of fruits and vegetable is important.  I normally use 300 ml of coconut water as my liquid. Coconut water adds more nutritional value to my green smoothie. I then put the solid ingredients’ in a ½ cup to make a 500 ml smoothie.

  1. Order

How you add your ingredients surprisingly affects the outcome of your green smoothie. For my best smoothie, I first add my coconut water, vegetables, fruits and any other ingredient in that order.

  1. Boost Of Flavor

Normally, squeezing lemon juice in my green smoothie is how I boost its flavor. Lemon helps the body assimilate irons from green leaves. When not adding fruit to sweeten the smoothie, lemon helps give a balance to the strong taste of green leaves.

I hope you will consider trying out the above hacks next time your green smoothie fails.

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