Green Smoothie Basics

Green Smoothie BasicsGreen smoothies are all the hype these days, but there is much confusion going on about how to make them perfect. Here is my favorite green smoothie basics, your delicious dose of feel-good medicine.

My first green smoothies were an attack on my palates. But once you know the basics and don’t just blend some leafy greens and fruit randomly, you’ll get addicted to them in no time.

If you’re new to green smoothies, stick to a recipe or the first few times before going all experimental. Over time, you’ll get use to all the flavors and you’ll learn how to balance the sweetness with “green” flavor to your own personal taste.

Taste is very personal. I like it more sweet, especially in the mornings, but other people swear by veggie-only smoothies. For me, the 40/60 ratio is just perfect. Enough leafy greens to take the full benefits of those health-boosting phytonutrients, and sweet enough to be a delicious and fulfilling breakfast.

Green Smoothie Basics and Handy Tip

Freeze Your Fruits – Instead of adding ice cubes to chill your smoothie, freeze your favorite fruits. You could also freeze your leafy greens, but make sure to add them straight to the blender before they thaw.


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