How to Travel This Summer With Your Green Smoothie

close-upDo you love green smoothies? Wondering how to travel this summer and still enjoy that healthy smoothie? If you are, you are at the right place. Traveling takes you from your normal activities, food and drinks routine but, it certainly should not prevent you from enjoying that refreshing green smoothie whenever you fancy. Considering the numerous benefits you can leap from green smoothies, you simply can’t afford going a day without it don’t you think?

Enjoying a green smoothie on your trip will go a long way in ensuring that your body remains in tip-top shape. With this healthy drink you can rest assured that your body is equipped with the ideal nutrients to keep you going throughout the summer. So, do you know how to prepare for your trip in order to continue enjoying your green smoothie?

Preparation before departure

The plans you put in place before embarking on your trip will determine how successful the trip will be. Therefore, be sure to make adequate preparations to ensure you have everything you require for the trip.

• Find out where you will stay
With the numerous destinations around the world, not every place will meet your needs for a green smoothie. Knowing where you will reside during your trip will enable you to know what you will need to pack.Find out if there are grocery stores around your destination and the availability of equipment to enable you to prepare an amazing green smoothie.

• Plan what to pack
The choice on what to pack entirely depends on you. However, you might consider packing the following: a blender to enable you prepare your smoothies, a freezer bag or a small cooler bag and metal straws with a cleaning brush or paper. Remember, if all the equipment you require is available at your destination, there is no need to pack yours.

Packing your blender

Now that you might need to pack your blender, you must be wondering how to do it. Right? With the wide variety of blenders available, you certainly will be spoiled for choice. Nevertheless, you might consider carrying a personal blender since they are much lighter. On the other hand, packing a big blender is not prohibited either. In addition, an immersion blender would also be fine.

It is highly recommended that blenders be packed in checked luggage. However, most of us carry them in our carry-on bags. The way you pack your blender will be determined by the model and size. If your blender does not have a blade, it will be just fine keeping it in your carry-on bag. Furthermore, if your blender has a blade, be sure to remove the blade and keep it in your checked luggage. Remember to be cautious when removing the blade or you risk destroying the blender. More to that, ensure that you properly pack the blender to reduce chances of damaging it. Perhaps you could use a t-shirt or towel to pad the jar and blender. Also, fit the blender nicely into your bag to prevent it from moving too much.

Shopping for fruits when you arrive

You certainly will be looking for those juicy fruits and leafy vegetables upon arrival. Your ability to find fruits will be largely determined by your choice of destination. Finding those delicious groceries might prove challenging considering you might not know much about the area. Moreover, you might face further disappointments if you find that the fruits on sale do not match your quality. Now that you do not have a choice, you will have to rely on what you find at the grocery stores. But then again, you might be lucky enough to visit a destination that offers high quality fruits at very reasonable prices. After all, it is all about your choice of destination.

Going for a road trip

Road trips do not require you to pack heavily. That said, you could opt to pack ready green smoothies. Blending the smoothies prior to the road trip and freezing them is a great idea for short trips. You simply need a cooler to store and carry your green smoothies. The best time to blend your green smoothie and store it has to be the night before the road trip. In order to maintain the fresh taste of your green smoothie, you could opt to blend bananas in the smoothie or add lemon juice. This will not only maintain the freshness but also enhance the taste.

Green smoothies are a sure way of replenishing your body with energy throughout your trip. In addition, smoothies play a key role in boosting your immune system thus leading a disease free life. Proper planning is all you require to continue enjoying that revitalizing drink even when still away from home. Now you know what it will take to enjoy a healthy green smoothie during your summer holiday. Don’t you? Go out there and have a fun filled traveling green smoothie summer.

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