What Are Green Smoothies?

Green-SmoothieAt a time when convenience foods and processed foods are readily available, many people find it a struggle to make sure they are getting enough fresh fruits and greens in their diet. You might be able to make up a quick salad for dinner or grab a piece of fruit for breakfast but are you getting enough fruits and veggies in your diet? Are your children getting enough greens or are veggies the last thing your kids would willingly want to eat? If you think your diet is lacking in this department, you are not alone.

Many people ask “What Are Green Smoothies?” Well let me explain…

There is a fast and easy solution though for adults without an abundance of time and children who are on the picky side. It ensures that you get a daily dose of several fruits and veggies, including those all important greens, and the best part is that you probably won’t even taste them. How in the world can that be possible? The solution is a delicious green smoothie!

You may have heard of green smoothies before. They seem to be gaining in popularity among busy adults and families with children. It is easy to see why. What could be easier than taking a couple handfuls of veggies and greens, like carrots and spinach, and adding some strawberries, banana, or apples and then blending it all together to make a delicious and healthy drink or meal? One blender full can provide a wonderful after school treat for several kids or it could serve as a complete breakfast for a working parent. Kids especially love the color of green smoothies, which can very from deep to light green or even be dark red or orange depending on the ingredients. There are literally dozens of fruit/veggie combos you can try so that you never become bored and green smoothies are a great way to use up the produce from your fridge that may otherwise go bad. If you have no plans on how to use those beets from your local CSA box, why not whip them up into a green smoothie?

It may surprise you to find that the fruit masks the taste of the greens and veggies and if you use a high speed blender you will not see any sign of them in the smoothie either. If your smoothie is not sweet enough for your liking, you can add a bit more fruit. Bananas for instance, are an excellent addition for a sweet and fruity smoothie. You get all the vitamins and nutrition from the all the healthiest foods without having to “taste” the ones you don’t like. For an extra nutrition boost you can add supplements such as wheatgrass powder, hemp protein, greens powder, chia seeds, or ground flax. Instead of adding plain water to your smoothies you can mix things up by adding fresh squeezed juice, club soda, or almond milk. It is no wonder that so many green smoothie enthusiasts claim that they lose weight, have clearer skin, and have more energy than ever before. Green smoothies are a miracle in a blender.

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